Welcome to Brain Stim

A place to exercise your brain, gently, with others who have been there.

About The Moderators

We are managed by a pair of brain survivors - A TBI (lost an argument with my car) and an ABI (brain aneurysm survivor).  Andrew is podcast host, writer, and teacher.  Jan is a speaker and still working out who she will become.

The goal is to update a new topic/story/image once a week.

Why You Should Join In

This site is a safe place to develop abstract thinking to help with our continued recovery from a brain injury.  

If you have issues with grammar, words, typing, etc... It's OK. You're safe here. We're all rowing in the same boat. We have either been where you are, are hoping to get to where others are, or just here to have fun!

A Big Thanks

For being here! You don't have to join in the comments, you can just use the stories and pictures for your own private thinking, planning, etc. 

But, we're still glad you're here!

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